Meet The Virtual Charging Depot

Manage a Fleet?

Cost effective and secure EV charging and parking, available where and when you need it.

Own/ Operate EV Charging Assets?

Increase utilization and revenue for your Assets with contracted revenue on the Curo Platform.

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For Charging Partners
Dramatically Increase Utilization

Curo provides owners of existing EV charging assets with long-term, contracted revenue.

Access a network of dedicated EV fleets that will use your sites during downtime.

Leverage Curo’s Platform to eliminate liability, security and operational risks.

Increase your utilization rates and revenue by up to 50% on your expensive infrastructure.

For Fleets
Electrify Efficiently
Curo supports fleets by finding, preparing and managing EV charging and parking assets where and when they need it.
Offers EV charging and parking with unique features for fleets (security, exclusivity, reliability, even bathrooms).
Supports your fleet fast and cost effectively.
Flexible and scalable with fleet operations.
Our Leadership Team
Accelerating The Adoption of Electrification
Kieran White
Kieran White
CEO & Cofounder
Andrew Porter
Andrew Porter
CTO & Cofounder
Graham Foster
Graham Foster
Founding Engineer
Chris Wolfington
Chris Wolfington
Creating the Virtual Charging Depot for fleets and asset owners.
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For legal purposes, Curo operates under the registered company name Return Protocol Inc.